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Smarter Process Inc. (SPi) is a registered professional engineering corporation and licensed contractor doing electrical engineering consulting, design, trouble shooting, startup and computer integration for businesses, industrial companies, utilities, architecture and engineering design firms, contractors and other organizations using electrical, electronic, and computer technologies.

            Industrial and Commercial Design
            Generation and Distribution
            Load and Short Circuit Studies
            Arc Flash Evaluation and Arc Fault Studies
            Energy Audits and Smart Grid Monitoring
            Motor Starting and VFD's
  • PROCESS CONTROL AND INSTRUMENTATIONHypochlorite System for Potable Water
            Design and P&ID's
            Standard and Proprietary Protocols
            Software and Programming
            Computers and PLC's 
            Analog and Digital Instruments
            Design, Integration and Upgrades
            Network and Client/Server Configurations
            Custom Servers - File, Web, & Email
            Domain Names and Software Tools
            Internet Firewalls, Routers and Security
            Design and Analysis
            Audio, Video and R/F Systems
            PA and WiFi Systems
  •  TECHNOLOGY PLANNING AND CONSULTINGHypochlorite System for Potable Water
            Design and System Evaluations
            Return on Investment Studies
            New and Old Technology Integration
            Equipment Troubleshooting
            Strategic Planning

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